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Our recipes

Anabel’s Cheesecake.
*For the base: cookies, butter and a little bit of sweet wine
*For the landfill: 1 cheese of smearing type Philadelphia, 1 mascarpone, 2 yolks of egg and sugar.
*To cover: jam of cranberries or cherries or franbuesa.
First, crush the cookies, then melt the butter in the microwave and add it on the cookies and then a trickle of sweet wine. Put everything in a before lubricated mold. Then mix the cheeses with the yolks of egg and the sugar and put it on the base of cookies. Then put the jam on the mixture of cheese and put it in the refrigerator covered with a transparent paper and stop to rest 1 hour before eating up it.
imagesCarrot’s cake.


3 eggs, 1 glass of olive oil, 1 glass of sugar and a big spoon of honey, 2 glasses of flour, yeast, dry grapes, nuts, sesamo seeds. Mix everything but one by one, slowly and with love. About 40 minutes in the oven 180 ºC.